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Mike Zaharuk
In 1991 I graduated from the Ontario College of Art. Since then I've worked as a court room artist, a scenery painter, a pirate, an illustrator and a political cartoonist. My work has appeared in such publications as Chicago Magazine, the Utne Reader, New York Magazine, Saturday Night, Canadian Business, The Wall Street Journal and The People's Voice.
Check his website at

John Williams
has produced FROM OUT OF OUR PAST for 15 years now, but this month marks a new name and a revised format. To be known as OUR STORY, the panel features the same episodes from Canadian and international peoples' history, including labour, womens' issues and ethnic struggles, but with less text and a bigger graphic.
I also freelance as a graphic designer, illustrator, production artist and paint depictions of urban scenes in acrylic.
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Ruth Tait (a.k.a. Rutz)
was born into a diplomatic family and spent her early life on the move. She believes that this circumstance encouraged the development of the observer’s eye early on. The structure of her adult life shifted into something less peripatetic when she moved to Toronto and settled down to raise a family and complete art school. She graduated with a diploma from OCA(D) and then studied animation at Sheridan. Her training in these disciplines provided the necessary tools with which to work as a storyboard artist for the film industry, a web and graphic designer and, over the 20 years she has been working as a freelance artist, turn her hand to various other miscellaneous projects she has been asked to tackle. In her spare (!) time, she also creates comic books exploring themes outside the normal vein of the mainstream comics industry. She self-publishes her own books and has also had stories appear in many anthologies.
Recently, she moved to a live/work studio at the new Artscape Wychwood Barns complex and iIllustrated a children's book written by her sister Catherine entitled A Brooklyn Dog's Adventure in France available on Amazon.

Alma Roussy
is a Canadian artist specializing in cartoon and caricature since 1983.
As well as drawing caricatures at corporate events, illustration and murals,
she illustrates on-site corporate speeches/meetings, draws political cartoons and travels around the world, sketching.
She speaks Spanish, French and semi-fluent Indonesian.
"It's a dog eat dog - dog draw dog world."
Contact her at: (especially if you are also an artist) Alma Art: Wychwood Art Barns, 27 Benson Ave. Unit 27 Toronto Ontario Canada
Tel./Fax: (416) 653-6874 E-Mail:

Suzanne Mogensen
I studied art at Central Technical School in Toronto. Throughout the 70's and 80's I worked in advertising, magazine production, and children's book illustration. In the 90's I started to focus on educational and editorial illustration, as well as cartooning.
E-mail me here. and visit my website at

John Maclennan
is a Web designer who creates sites for unions, labour councils and community groups. He sees the Internet as a medium for artistic expression as well as for other forms of popular communication. His "cyber montages" are inspired by montage artists from the 1920s and 1930s in Russia, Germany and the United States and, more recently, by Toronto artists Richard Sly and Brian Davis.
His work, which brings together images from popular culture and daily life to satirize current political issues, is published regularly on rabble and on labour Web sites in the States. John is a member of CEP local 87M, a delegate to theToronto and York Region Labour Council and a long-time trade-union and social activist.
(Check out John's new montages at his gallery in cyberspace, located at .)

Jim Kempkes
graduated from York University where I majored in Fine Arts. Since then it's been one damn thing after another, including cartooning and illustrating for many reputable publications and the National Post. My Plasticine and ceramic caricatures have appeared in magazines as diverse as Toronto Life and Harrowsmith. I also design Flash animation. I'm at

Jerry Lee Miller
is a multimedia artist, Photoshop and Illustrator instructor and bicycle mechanic. He is of mixed race, fifth-generation Canadian living and working in Toronto. He studied at Georgian College of Applied Arts, St. Christopher House, George Brown College, Willowridge Training Wheels, University of Toronto John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design and the Art Centre @ Central Technical School. Jerry Lee has worked in literacy, social, environmental, and labour movements and is a member of Canadian Union of Public Employees CUPE 4400 Toronto Education Workers. He has been active in many community organizations, including Rogers television, CIUT 89.5 FM, Karma Food Coop, Parkdale Project Read, Parkdale Activity – Recreation Centre, Bikechain, and the Community Bicycle Network, where he is presently working as the Lead Mechanic. To view a portfolio Jerry Lee’s, please visit his website at Jerry Lee thanks you for taking the time to read his profile.

Mike Constable
edited Toronto's Guerilla paper in the early 1970’s. Started Union Art Service with Cy Morris in 1976. Curated at Partisan Gallery from 1980 to 2000. He's an animator and does cartoons,illustration and cover art.He performs street-theatre and makes puppets.


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