The Union Art Service

"Comforting the afflicted
and afflicting the comfortable since 1976.

The Union Art Service is a co-operative of Canadian political cartoonists. The trade union and progressive publications across Canada that subscribe to the U. A. S. are sent a monthly package of cartoons, graphics and flash animation which illustrate and comment upon such issues as: unemployment, pay equity, the environment, workplace health and safety.

Nine times a year we supply 7 or more cartoons including a labour history panel for print media and Flash animations and graphics for web sites. To learn more about subscribing to the Service or acquire a specific cartoon you have seen at a high resolution, or just want to say hello,

Our Mailing Address is:

Union Art Service
1052 Mt. Pleasant Road
Toronto, Canada M4P 2M4

to 499
$120 per year
500 to 4,999
$240 per year
5,000 to 24,999
$420 per year
25,000 to 99,999
$540 per year
100,000 and up
$840 per year